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Rosalie Lowy

About Rosalie

I owe my clients:

o President’s Club Awards at International Multifoods
o Overachiever’s Awards at Dun and Bradstreet
o Service Quality Management Awards at Dun and Bradstreet
o Designed a Service Quality Management Curriculum for “Knock Your Socks Off Service.”
o LAH Owners’ Award for Top 25% Gross Commission

“My clients’ wants and needs are at the heart of my servant’s heart.”



“Rosalie was all that you can ask for in an agent -knowledgeable, helpful and above all honest. She made the buying process easy and above she found a place that hit all my wish list!”

“Rosalie Lowly worked day and night and was never satisfied until she fulfilled my Mother’s wishes of selling her house. With dignity and humility ,she not only fulfilled her dream,but Rosalie exceed my Mother’s wish by closing on her house in a mere 60 days!

Rosalie found the perfect soul to dwell in her house for many long years. the lawyers and everyone at the table of closing  were all in awe when  buyer said  to a seller, “Thank you  for letting me buy your house”.

Rosalie I can never thank you enough for working so hard to make my mother’s dream come true.”

“In case I haven’t mentioned it before, we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, consideration and assistance.  You did things for us the average realtor wouldn’t have done.  I know we have made new friends and am sad we won’t be able to stay and nurture that friendship.  Our friendship, I hope, will stand the test of distance.”

“Rosalie is a consummate professional. She is prepared, diligent and pays attention to the important details. She listens carefully to what is important to the client and the transaction. She knows the market. I have been very pleased with her service.”

“Last year Rosalie Lowy was my agent for the purchase of my new home and for the sale of my former home.  Rosalie is thorough, knowledgable and kind.  She is very patient and concerned with her client’s needs.”

“Rosalie Lowy is a gem.  She was tasked with selling our home as our agent; she went above and beyond the call of duty.  She used every trick up her sleeve to find us the perfect buyers.  Our house was a large, historic structure in Highland Park and we labored over the years to make sure it would remain true to the style in which it was built.  As such, we had to find just the right buyers who understood our ethic and also understood the house.  Rosalie found such buyers who are now the proud owners of a truly historic Birmingham home.

“During the time she was listing our house one of our dogs got out of the yard and decided to go on walkabout, which caused us a great deal of distress.  She dropped what she was doing and helped in the search, to the point where it was she that found my precious little Gracie.  That is true devotion to your client’s needs.”

“Rosalie became our friend and confidant during our time together.  I would not hesitate recommending her services to anyone.”

“As always, thanks for all you have done and are doing. I would like to state for the record, and for the benefit of those at your company who are higher in chain of command, that you are hands down THE BEST real estate agent I have EVER had. Given that I am 66 years old and have bought and sold over 10 houses in my lifetime, I think I have the “history” and “experience” to say that both from a buyer and seller stand point. You are thorough, knowledgeable, prompt, on top of every detail and committed to doing the best in every aspect of a sale. You did everything you could to make this sale work and stayed on top of things every single minute…..”

“Rosalie went out of her way to help my wife and I find a house we loved! She was willing to drive us around on stormy cold days just so we could find a home. She is very knowledgeable and trusting when it comes to the home buying process. I would highly recommend her!”

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