Why Should I Become a Real Estate Agent?

There are tons of career choices out there for you. Why should real estate agent be one of them? You may have asked yourself this question before. Chances are, you’ve encountered a real estate [...]

How Are We Doing?

In 2011, LAH produced a total sales volume of $176,033,906. Last year our sales totaled $232,071,135, an increase of 31.8%. In 2011, our sales associates earned total commissions of $3,442,299. [...]

HootSuite: Quick Start Guide

All of the following information can be found on HootSuite.com. Welcome to HootSuite! The HootSuite Quick Start Guide summarizes six important steps that will help you get started with your [...]

What Is HootSuite and How to Use It

What is HootSuite? In the broaded terms, HootSuite is a social media management system.  You can use it for your business or organization to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple [...]

The 30-Day Facebook Realtor Challenge

by Katie Lance; Loosely edited by Cedric Weatherly Too often I see a “Facebook graveyard” – Facebook pages created by real estate agents with the best of intentions but unfortunately they are [...]

FACEBOOK: The Art of the Status Update

by Katie Lance Consistently posting is a huge component to getting more eyeballs to your Facebook page, but there is another thing that not too many people talk about — the art of the status [...]

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