Buying and Selling during the Holiday Season

Buying and Selling during the Holiday Season

It may not be the warm, sunny, real estate market-friendly summer season anymore, but the holidays can still offer some major benefits for both buyers and sellers if you play your cards right. Let’s take a look at some of the top tips buyers and sellers should know for this holiday season.



  • Decorations – When buyers are looking for a home, one of their deciding factors is simply whether or not they can imagine their family living in the home. So, how do you appeal to your buyers’ emotions in this way? Add some very simple holiday decor around the house, and keep the decor all-inclusive. A simple string of white lights and some beautiful candles should do the trick. This should provide the perfect amount of imagery for a buyer wishing to celebrate countless holidays in their home with their family, no matter what holidays they celebrate!
  • Hire an Agent – There will, without a doubt, be fewer potential buyers during the holiday season than during the summer, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. While buyers are harder to find, they are generally more motivated to buy! Don’t waste time trying to seek out buyers, hire a professional real estate agent to help you. A real estate agent will have multiple connections to potential buyers, and can help you make the sale for the price you need.
  • Price to Sell – Whether your home has been on the market for months, or is just about to go up, it is important to look at the price tag. During the holidays, most of your competition falls off the market. Meaning, if you had a competitive price before with little to no competition nearby, your price will look ridiculous. Because buyers are generally more motivated to buy during the holidays, it’s best to price your home to sell. This will show your buyers that you are motivated as well, and could result in a quick and clean selling process!




  • Priced to Sell – Just as sellers can benefit from pricing their home to sell, buyers can, too. You see, if you’ve been wary about taking the plunge and making the deal on a home, the holidays are the best time. With homes priced to sell from the lack of competition, you can typically get more home for your dollar without too many negotiations!
  • Find a GREAT Lender – Lenders are generally less busy during the holiday season. This means they are more likely to throw some deals your way in order to secure your business. It also means you could be looking at a shorter approval period. Shop around to find the best lender and interest rates available!
  • Negotiations – Just as you are motivated to buy during the holidays, sellers are motivated to sell. Why else do you think they have left their home on the market during a season with little competition? Use this to your advantage. You may be able to negotiate some contingencies to protect you in trade for a quick closing!


Buying and Selling During the Holiday Season?

Buying and selling during the holiday season can be rewarding with the right team of professionals on your side. LAH Real Estate has a team of highly trained and professional real estate agent eager to help you close a deal. Let’s work together to ensure these holidays are happy ones!

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