3 Tips to Buy the Beach House of Your Dreams

buy a beach house

You picture a quaint little house right by the ocean, white sand stretching for miles, seagulls and palm trees as far as the eye can see. This is your dream beach house – and you’re itching to make it a reality!

How can you make sure that the beach house you buy doesn’t fall short of your fantasy? LAH has some tips. Read on!

#1: Rent First!

When you’re deciding on a major element of your beach house – for example, where it’s located in relation to the beach – it’s wise to try before you buy. Rent a place on the ocean, another on the bay, and another in a third location of your choice (for example, something closer to town or in a wooded area). Even if you think there’s no way you’d want anything besides a beachfront property, just take a couple of nights to try it out. You never know!

#2: Determine Your Purpose

Why are you buying a beach house? Will it be an escape for you and maybe 1-2 other people, or do you plan to do a lot of entertaining? Once you figure out your motivation, you’ll be able to decide on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need, how large the kitchen should be, and what kind of outdoor space will suit you best. If you’re a big entertainer, you don’t want to buy a tiny house that can’t accommodate your parties – and if you’re looking for a solitary retreat, you probably don’t want a ton of unused space to have to keep up!

#3: Do Your Research!

So you found a great home that fits all your needs – but there are a few renovations that need to be done. Here’s the thing: waterfront property can be extremely tricky when it comes to making big changes, and chances are, you’ll need a real estate specialist to help you determine what’s legal and what’s not. Make sure everything you want to do can actually be done, and get an inspection from a licensed home inspector who specializes in beach properties. You want someone who is very familiar with the area you’re looking at, because in some localities, you can’t rebuild a home that’s been destroyed. These are things you need to know before you sign!

LAH Can Make Your Beach House Dream a Reality!

Did you know LAH has an office right on 30A? If you’re looking for an expert in beach real estate, look no further than LAH! Contact us today to see how we can help you find the perfect beach house that fits your every need.

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